SAGE offers a wide range of health and counselling services in the Fredericton area

Contact us today to find out more about our extensive network of Masters and/or doctorate level counsellors highly trained to address a wide range of personal, family, and school- and work-related issues.

Child, Adult & Family Counselling in Fredericton, NB

SAGE understands that an individual’s needs are often vast and include a variety of factors.

Psychological Services in Fredericton, NB

We are here to serve with professionally trained therapists in Fredericton, who are ready to meet with individuals and their families who have decided that it is time to gain momentum.

Mediation Services in Fredericton, NB

If you’re searching for Fredericton counselling services, Fredericton psychology services, or Fredericton mediation services we invite you to contact us.

Corporate Services

With a suite of professional products and services, SAGE is able to help you grow business profit by solving current workplace issues. Investing in workplace wellbeing enhances work performance, productivity and profit.