Meeting Your Needs

We understand that life can get our of hand, and we have the experience and skills to help you, your family, or your company through counselling services, psychological care, conflict resolution services, substance abuse treatment, organizational wellness initiatives, educational programs and more.

Along with the experience of our staff (all of whom require a Masters and/or doctorate), we understand that being able to help you best requires providing options and flexibility in both our services and the ways in which they are delivered.

With this in mind, SAGE has developed a versatile model that ensures quick access to any number of our services based on your needs. By eliminating the wait times and wait lists that are often experienced for these important services with other providers, we are able to offer solutions instead of excuses.

On average, our professional practitioners aim to offer appointments within five business days, including evening availabilities for more services, to accommodate your schedule and preferences.

  • We provide counselling, mediation, psychological diagnostic and alternative health services through integrated networks of affiliated service partners.
  • We offer clinically led group treatment programs in relation to key emotional and behavioural difficulties affecting lives.
  • We offer specialized educational services and provide information pertaining to the above objects.
  • We act as clinical service delivery agents for Employee Assistance Programs providers (EAP), governments and private health insurance companies.
  • We design plans and deliver a suite of services for organisations to ensure workplace wellness and health.
  • We recruit and collaborate with professionals that have service objectives and standards that are consistent with those of the company.
  • Whenever possible, we offer reduced fees to clients with low income. As part of its corporate values, SAGE Inc. reinvests 3% of all profits towards support for individuals whose economic circumstances limit access to needed services.

SAGE’s emphasis is on offering clients timely access to the highest quality of care by focusing on four differentiating factors:

Unparalleled professionalism:

Our network of service partners is exclusively comprised of properly credentialed and registered Masters and PhD level professionals with a minimum of 5 years’ experience.

Proper matching of client needs to service providers:

SAGE prides itself on its ability to offer comprehensive and highly confidential needs and risk assessments during client referral and intake processes to ensure they are referred to the most appropriate and specialized clinicians for their specific needs.

Geographically convenient and accessible:

Our services are available throughout the Maritimes. Through the use of confidential video-counselling services, SAGE also offers convenient access to high quality mental health services to those living in rural areas or who may have barriers related to transportation or mobility.

No wait times:

We recognize the importance of ensuring timely access to services. Through the use of our extensive network of contracted service partners, SAGE has no wait lists and pledges to offer appointments within 5 business days. For critical situations, we provide services within 24 hours, often on the same day.


Your Customized Support Network

Not only is our organization capable of offering greater flexibility with our services, we are also able to ensure our professionals are highly experienced and able to offer an integrated health services approach, as well as a multi-disciplinary plan, for assisting children, adults, families or employees in all aspects of physical and mental health. With this capability we can ensure that you receive the attention and specific treatment or service you need through a unique team of qualified therapists, psychologists, mediators and holistic health experts.


Giving Back to Our Communities

Finally, as part of our corporate values, SAGE ensures that 3% of all profits are returned to support and subsidize families whose economic circumstances limit access to needed services. This is one of the many ways in which we aim to offer our services to those who need them, regardless of financial background.



The cost of the service varies according to the type of service needs identified. In many cases, the costs of these services are covered by health insurances or other employee benefit plans. The SAGE team strongly believes that people with needs should not be turned away due to an inability to pay. To that end, we seek to subsidize the cost of services wherever and whenever possible.