We Understand

SAGE understands that an individual’s needs are often vast and include a variety of factors. We are here to serve with professionally trained therapists, who are ready to meet with individuals and their families who have decided that it is time to gain momentum.

The struggles of communication, alcohol and drug abuse, marital conflict, separations and divorce, parenting, emotional stress, family budgets and more, are very real hurdles that many individuals and families need assistance to overcome.

At SAGE, our personal counselling services include assessment, information, referral, short-term/goal focused counselling, and when needed, we offer case management and follow-up. We are with you, every step of the way.

NEW!!! VIDEO Counselling services from your home!!!   Comfort, convenience and confidentiality are teamed together when you use our video counselling service. With your computer or tablet, you can now receive your counselling sessions (with our professionals) from anywhere you have an internet connection. It’s effective, efficient and easy to do. Now we’re here (and there) for you.

Girl talking to a counsellor on a computer


Availability that Serves You

We understand the importance of receiving counselling as soon as possible, especially in a crisis situation. SAGE’s service is confidential and is available through face-to face consultations, and by telephone or on-line video conferencing.

Appointments for counselling services will usually be made available within five business days of the request. For crisis situations, counselors will see clients within 24 hours and often on the same day.

Fees charged may be reimbursable or paid for by client insurance plans, or other third party referral agents.


A Wide Range

Masters and/or doctorate level counselors are highly trained to address a wide range of personal, family and/or school/work-related issues, including:

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