Highly Confidential Group-Based Environments

SAGE offers treatment programs that allow participants to learn new skills, receive valuable resource information, and share their experiences within supportive and highly confidential group-based environments.

Specialized master’s and doctoral level psychologists and clinicians lead group-based services to assist adults and youth in coping with issues such as anger management, substance abuse, anxiety management and childhood sexual abuse.


Adult Programs

Mastering Your Emotions (Adults)

Are you anxious and consumed with thoughts of ‘what if’ that stop you from moving forward in your life? Do you say things in frustration or anger that you wish you hadn’t? Do you feel ‘down’ with little idea as to why? Are you stressed out and drained of energy, like you can’t possibly cope with one more thing?

Managing Your Emotions is a weekly, ongoing therapy group that will, first of all, help you understand why you feel the way you do. We are not always upset for the reasons we think! Armed with greater insight and clarity about what you’re feeling and why, you will learn practical tools and strategies to help you acknowledge, accept and move through your distressing emotions, and address the underlying thoughts and beliefs that drive them. We will look at how the way we think and how we interpret the things that happen or have happened in our lives shape our feelings and thus determine our actions and reactions. By applying the principles and techniques discussed, you will learn to feel less bogged down by your emotions and more empowered in your life. In other words, your peace of mind will thus be allowed to flourish.

Meditation and Mindfulness Based Living

SAGE Inc., is pleased to announce the launch of its new Mindfulness Based Living Program! A 1.5 hour Introductory Session provides participants with the basic tools needed to begin meditating and practicing mindfulness based living. Upon completion participants may then choose to attend the ongoing Weekly Mindfulness-based Practice Sessions designed to deepen their understanding of the various forms of meditative practices and their associated benefits. Please see attached information for more details. We also appreciate you forwarding to your own networks! You never know who you may help! Click to read more! SAGE Mindfulness Based Living Announcement!

Safe Paths for Parents and Caregivers

Partnered with Our Safe Paths for Children program, is a support group for those victimized by others through sexual abuse or other inappropriate forms of sexualized behaviors. The program provides information to help children properly heal from their experiences and associated trauma. Topics include: myths and facts about sexual abuse, the effects of sexual abuse on the child and family, dealing with anger and guilt, the grieving process, stress management, parenting after crisis, healthy communication, healing and planning for the future.

Both Safe Paths for Parents and Caregivers, along with Safe Paths for Children are held simultaneously, in separate rooms, to facilitate the healing processes and meet the unique needs of both caregivers and their children. While both children and their caregivers are encouraged to attend, it is not considered a requirement.


Youth/Children’s Programs

Safe Paths for Children

Together with our Safe Paths for Parents and Caregivers program, this program plays a crucial role in offering treatment and support for children and youth between the ages of 4 and 18 who have experienced sexual abuse or other inappropriate forms of sexualized behaviors.

Led by master’s level therapists trained to assist children and youth in developing the knowledge and skills they need to work through their experiences and prevent further victimization, the program covers a number of important topics:

  • Identifying and coping with feelings
  • Healthy coping skills
  • Education on characteristics of offenders
  • Developing a healthy sense of responsibility and empowerment
  • Building self-esteem
  • Healing and thriving

Second Step for Youth

For many adolescents, success in school and interpersonal relationships is dependent upon their ability to control their impulses and follow direction. These skills are known as ‘self-regulation skills.’ In a nutshell, self-regulation is the ability to monitor and manage emotions, thoughts and behaviors.

Through our 8 week program, youth are taught a variety of essential skills including:

  • Empathy and communication
  • Disagreeing respectfully
  • Negotiating and compromising
  • Responding to bullying (including cyber bullying)
  • Managing emotions
  • Coping with stress

Along with the sessions for youth, SAGE also offers three optional sessions for parents and caregivers, designed to provide a better understanding of adolescent behavior and to offer effective tools to support your children.


How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

SAGE offers a 7 week, 12 hour program designed to give parents the know-how they need to be effective with their children. The How to Talk so Kids Will Listen & Listen so Kids Will Talk program is enthusiastically praised by parents and professionals around the world. The down–to–earth, respectful approach of Faber and Mazlish makes relationships with children of all ages less stressful and more rewarding.  The program offers practical, innovative ways to solve common problems, enhance collaborative behaviors in children, avoid punishment and build foundations for effective parenting and lasting relationships.