How does it Work?

Family Mediation and conflict resolution services are cooperative problem solving processes. SAGE provides an impartial, certified professional who assists in facilitating decisions and resolving disputes in a safe, neutral and confidential environment. This helps the parties to freely consider their options and choose the best alternatives for their particular circumstances.

SAGE Inc. offers professionally trained mediators to help resolve almost any type of conflict or dispute. A range of services including family mediation, child protection mediation, elder mediation and corporate conflict resolution services are available to individuals, couples, families, communities, corporations, governmental agencies and employee assistance program providers.

Issues Related to Separation and Divorce

Family mediation is a cooperative, problem solving process in which a specialized counselor or lawyer facilitates a problem solving process in order to resolve issues related to couple separation and divorce.

Family mediators are able to assist separating or divorcing couples in resolving family law issues such as child custody and access, support payments and division of property without having to resort to more expensive and emotionally demanding litigation processes. Mediation allows for an agreement to be reached which can serve to vary an existing court order or finalize a divorce.

The mediator will assist the parties in reaching a mutually agreeable settlement that is entirely the product of their own efforts. If an agreement is not reached then the parties are then free to pursue other courses of action such as legal proceedings. The process is completely voluntary and confidential; with both parties agreeing in writing that all statements made during the mediation cannot be repeated in court should negotiations breakdown.

Professional family mediators are all provincially or nationally licensed masters level social workers, counselling therapists or lawyers with at least five years of clinical experience and possess the added designation of being trained as mediators and conflict resolution specialists.


The Benefits

  • Mediation leaves the disputing parties with control over the outcome
  • Mediation is flexible, giving the disputants a wide range of options to choose from
  • Mediation is quick, enabling disputants to save substantial time and money
  • Mediation is confidential, avoiding public disclosure of the conflict and confidential business and personal information, and
  • Mediation can preserve or improve business and personal relationships by improving communication and understanding through non-confrontation of problem solving.