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Momentum is a quarterly publication that offers readers useful information, skills and tools to support their mental fitness and wellbeing. Lead articles are prepared by experienced mental health professionals who recognize that positive psychology approaches are fundamental to assist people seeking a new “Momentum for their Life”.

Momentum V4N2

Summer 2021: Volume 4, Number 2

SAGE Momentum V4N2

In this issue:

  • Three key conditions to create a healthy workplace
  • Creating Trust
  • When Your Coworker Seems

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Momentum V4N1

Spring 2021: Volume 4, Number 1

SAGE Momentum V4N1

In this issue:

  • Building Trust in a Virtual World
  • Good-to-Know Soft Skills: Being Cooperative
  • Avoid After-Hours Job Creep

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Momentum V3N4

Winter 2020: Volume 3, Number 4

SAGE Momentum V3N4

In this issue:

  • Has COVID-19 Impacted Your Finances?
  • Enthusiasm Is Contagious
  • Don’t Fear Criticism in the Workplace

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Momentum V3N3

Summer 2020: Volume 3, Number 3

SAGE Momentum V3N3

In this issue:

  • Writing the story of your life
  • Relationships — the Secret to Happiness
  • Stay Energized at Work

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Momentum V3N2

Spring 2020: Volume 3, Number 2

SAGE Momentum V3N2

In this issue:

  • Managing Stress in the Workplace During COVID-19: 5 Top Tips for Employers and Employees

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Momentum V3N1

2020: Volume 3, Number 1

SAGE Momentum V3N1

In this issue:

  • Promoting and Maintaining Harmony with Others
  • Journaling for Maximum Impact
  • Are You Sabotaging Your Team?

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Momentum V2N4

2019: Volume 2, Number 4

SAGE Momentum V2N4

In this issue:

  • Online Counselling: A Journey From Scepticism to Accepted Practice
  • Could Volunteering Add to Your Life?
  • Workplace Cubicles: Civility and Courtesy Tips

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Momentum V2N3

2019: Volume 2, Number 3

SAGE Momentum V2N3

In this issue:

  • Anxiety: A Partnership
  • Stop the Bickering!
  • You Can Overcome Indecisiveness

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Momentum V2N2

2019: Volume 2, Number 2

SAGE Momentum V2N2

In this issue:

  • Loneliness and Its Impacts
  • Hard-Won Secrets of Outstanding Workers
  • Get Free of the Clutter that Binds You

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Momentum V2N1

2019: Volume 2, Number 1

SAGE Momentum V2N1

In this issue:

  • Want More Productivity, More Energy and Better Health? Start with a Proper Sleep

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Momentum V1N4

2018: Volume 1, Number 4

SAGE Momentum V1N4

In this issue:

  • Sharing a Meal Helps Families Grow
  • How is mental health like physical health?
  • Good-to-Know Soft Skills: Be “Healthy Competitive”
  • Using Your Breath to Manage Stress

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Momentum V1N3

2018: Volume 1, Number 3

SAGE Momentum V1N3

In this issue:

  • Take a Break — Refuel Your Mind and Your Body
  • Safety at the Pool This Summer
  • Don’t Cheat Your Sleep
  • Unwritten Rules for Getting Ahead
  • Productivity Tips for Telecommuters

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Momentum V1N2

2018: Volume 1, Number 2

SAGE Momentum V1N2

In this issue:

  • Managing Anger
  • The “Two-Minute” Rule
  • The Power of Group Psychotherapy
  • Good-to-Know Soft Skills: Collaboration
  • Hidden Opportunities for Managing Stress

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Momentum V1N1

2018: Volume 1, Number 1

SAGE Momentum V1N1

In this issue:

  • Beat Those Winter Blues
  • Test Hack
  • Manage Stress to Protect Your Memory
  • Making Relationships Great Again
  • Take on Stress by Going with the Flow

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