SAGE is ready and equipped to come alongside you with assistance in a variety of ways to strengthen and improve your relationships with those around you.

At SAGE we believe that all families and relationships are unique, having their own competencies, strengths, and resources that give them the potential to resolve conflict, be functional and healthy. Masters and doctorate level counsellors meet with individuals, couples and families who want to address a wide range of personal, family and/or school/work-related relationship issues, including:

  • Work-related concerns
  • Addictions (i.e. alcohol, drugs, gambling, internet, sexual)
  • Inter-personal relationship issues
  • Landlord-tenant issues;
  • Consumer disagreements;
  • Neighborhood disputes;
  • Conflicts within school or workplace settings;
  • Eldercare issues
  • Parenting and childcare
  • Grief and loss
  • Family violence
  • Separation and divorce
  • Sexuality
  • Communication issues
  • Family functioning concerns
  • Marital, couple or family conflicts
  • Career development issues
  • Financial or legal issues
  • Life transitions
  • Retirement preparation
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Stress management (work or home)
  • Family law issues for separating and divorcing couples
  • Elder related issues

The service is confidential and is available through face-to face consultations, by telephone or on-line video conferencing.

SAGE Family Mediation Services

Family mediation services offer an opportunity for early resolution of family law issues generated from the dissolution of an intimate relationship, including parenting plans (custody), time sharing (access of children), financial responsibilities (child support, spousal support), as well as marital property and debt division. Family mediation is a facilitative, non-adversarial conflict resolution process in which the participants to a dispute (including spouses, former partners, parent(s), any person who has legal custody of or is entitled to access of a child(ren)), are assisted by an impartial, nondirective mediator.

Elder Mediation

Post retirement years can be challenging and stressful for families. Conditions and circumstances related to the aging process in partners and family members may lead to difficult conflicts. Elder mediation can help families resolve differences and bring forth a better understanding in a range of elder care areas including;

  • medical care and health care planning of loved one(s)
  • caregiving and safety needs
  • housing and living arrangements
  • intergenerational conflicts
  • elder abuse and neglect
  • religious issues
  • guardianship and capacity
  • family business issues
  • financial management
  • end of life decisions
  • inheritance and probate