Early Identification

From identifying problems early on in young children, to helping youth overcome a number of issues, our psychologists, counselors and other team members have years of experience in working with teens and children. SAGE offers a full range of specialized counselling, assessment and diagnostic tests, amongst many other services, for children and youth that can start a family along a guided plan for future goals and successes.

A Wide Range

Whether it’s related to problems in school, behavioral disorders, emotional challenges, or trauma involving such issues as sexual abuse, we offer a number of highly specialized services that work with both the adults and the children/youth of your family. Confidential counselling services offered through the use of group sessions or through personalized meetings can help to address a myriad of issues and assist your child or youth regain momentum in their life.

For more information, please see our other services for such things as individual and family counselling, family mediation, psychological services and assessments as well as specialized group programs.