Current research underscores the importance of creating workplace cultures that foster the psychological health and wellness of employees within their team and work environments. Healthy workplaces support well-being is psychologically safe and provide the basis for effective team functioning. Organizations can be proactive by taking targeted actions to safeguard the well-being of employees and ensure the creation of positive and healthy workplace cultures.

— Dr. Patti Peterson and Dr. Bill Morrison, WMA Wellness Team 2019

Workplace Consultation Services

As a manager, supervisor or union leader, addressing current issues can be a daunting task. Whether it’s a difficult employee, a team issue or something related to the workplace overall, our experienced professionals are available to help you in a number of ways.

SAGE service professionals can assist organizations seeking to transform their culture into a more respectful and healthy workplace. Strength-based research is used to support human resource professionals and corporate leaders with their initiatives and practices for promoting healthier workplace environments. Strategies and services promote more positive attitudes and beliefs and reframe communication and interactions between employees and others. SAGE corporate wellness services include a suite of approaches ranging from organizational wellness assessments to online learning sessions and workplace training and coaching services.

SAGE provides human resource professionals and corporate leaders with cost effective products and services that are designed to shift attitudes and beliefs to increase employee engagement and performance. Employee mental fitness, resiliency and wellness is achieved through specialized workplace assessments, targeted workshops and training methodologies that are based on evidence from positive psychology and strength-based research. Strategic frameworks and a range of on-site and on-line services and products are tailored to meet the unique needs of each workplace and organizational setting seeking transformative change with respect to employee engagement and organizational wellness.

The following video link provides a concise overview of the products and services that are part of WMA’s Positive Workplace Framework:

Wellness Assessment and Strategic Planning

SAGE can deliver workplace wellness assessments that provide organizations with reports that summarizes key target areas and support the design of a strategic plan for organizational health, effectiveness and safety.

  • Online validated assessment tools (Mental Fitness Resiliency Inventory; Positive Leadership Inventory 360) to measure the presence of mental fitness, resiliency and positive leadership practices in workplace cultures (baseline profile/follow-up reports to measure changes in workplace culture). PDF Description

Wellness Training Modules

Specialized Wellness Training Modules provide employees, managers and organizations with research-based learning opportunities that result in healthy workplace relationships, effective management practices, and greater employee engagement and productivity. Wellness Modules can be delivered Onsite through online Self-Study, or through monthly Webinars.

  • A comprehensive online resource platform (eBooks; instructional videos; team building activities; strategic multi-year plans) that can be used by company teams or certified positive workplace trainers to optimize their workplace cultures, making them healthy and psychological safe environments. PDF Description

Training of Wellness Champions

Training and certification of organizational leaders is available as part of SAGE’s corporate service offerings. Wellness Champions are trained in the delivery of the wellness modules and to support the implementation of each organization’s strategic wellness plan.

Through guidance and advice, we can help you with policy development, issues pertaining to employee and workplace health and wellness, handling sensitive employee issues, performance concerns, conflict within the workplace and even situations involving possible violence or a risk to employees due to mental health concerns.

  • Train-the Trainer workshops and certificate programs that prepare human resource and helping professionals, managers and leaders to embed mental fitness, resiliency and positive leadership practices. PDF Description

Workplace Health and Wellness Initiatives

Promoting resiliency and mental health in the workplace is now recognized and proven to be not only a smart business practice but good for productivity and profitability. SAGE can assist both small and large organizations implementing initiatives and practices that respect the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s National Standards for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace and assist in creating a workplace culture that is respectful and healthy.

Using strength-based research, we can support human resource professionals and organizational leaders in promoting positive communication and interactions between employees and others. Specific tools, trainings and resources are focused on the specific areas assessed as being most effective in promoting lasting employees’ psychological health, preventing damaging workplace practices and nurturing a healthy and respectful corporate culture. From organizational wellness assessments to online learning sessions and workplace training and coaching services, our available resources are here to help you.

Workshops and Educational Sessions

SAGE strongly believes that educational sessions can be a valuable medium for teaching and learning values and skills that can promote growth, positive change, healing and wellbeing of individuals. SAGE workshops and educational services are designed to provide participants with the knowledge, insight and skills they require to effectively cope with contemporary living or identified mental, physical or social situations. Programs aim to foster the desired attitudes, problem solving and coping skills consistent with the desired outcomes of creating healthier mental and physical lifestyle choices both at home and in the workplace.

Using its integrated network of specialized service partners, SAGE has the unique ability to offer seamless access to highly qualified educators, therapists, psychologists, mediators and holistic health experts to facilitate all workshops. SAGE’s educators are supported to ensure that their presentations are clear, well explained, simplified, and designed to provide new learnings and practical solutions/skills to real life problems.

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