Performance and Ability

SAGE recognizes that a student’s performance and ability to be at their best while at school may be adversely impacted by personal and school-related issues such as anxiety, family/personal relationship difficulties, stress and depression. These challenges also significant impedes learning institutions to successfully graduate students and retain them throughout the term of their programs.

The SAGE Student Counselling Program (SCP) gives post-secondary schools and colleges the opportunity to invest in the mental well-being of their students. We provide students with access to high quality confidential services to take care of issues that may create barriers to their ability to learn and perform. When post-secondary learning institutions take care of their students to ensure they are working at their greatest potential, productivity and efficiency usually follow. Schools with an effective SCP can also experience an increase in student engagement, less absenteeism, a better learning climate and overall morale that will spread not only among the students, but to the instructors as well. SAGE can help students gain momentum to navigate through life’s personal and school-related challenges so they can be at their very best.