Unwanted Stress Within The Workplace

Conflict of any type can cause unwanted stress within the workplace, which leads to an impact on the performance and production of your company. Along with this, its effects can also be observed through employee absenteeism, disability and turnover rates, which are important things to consider as a manager, owner or other related position.

Sometimes, addressing the conflict can require the assistance of a third party, and SAGE is more than capable of helping you in this regard.

By offering companies the opportunity to resolve conflicts among colleagues, managers, employees and/or work groups in a confidential, respectful and productive manner, our professional mediators help you address issues quickly and effectively. Along with this, we encourage participants to learn the skills necessary to prevent conflict in the future or to resolve the issue internally without requiring a third party to be involved.


Our Role

Our mediators and conflict resolution specialists are provincially or nationally licensed masters level social workers, counselling therapists or lawyers with at least five years of experience.

Working with you, their role is that of an impartial facilitator, who guides the decision-making process and helps parties consider and choose their best options to resolve their situation. The process is completely voluntary and confidential with all parties agreeing in writing that statements made during the mediation will not be used in court, or during the grievance process should negotiations breakdown. When needed a final document may be drafted by the mediator to summarize the key points that forms the basis of their agreement.


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