Comfort, convenience and confidentiality are teamed together when you use our video counselling service. With your computer or tablet, you can now receive your counselling sessions (with our professionals) from anywhere you have an internet connection. It's effective, efficient and easy to do. Now we're here (and there) for you.

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Video counselling session


At SAGE, we use technology every day, and now we’ve fine-tuned our video counselling service to provide that same face to face benefit as if we, and you, are in the same room.

Our clients tell us that they love it. Particularly if they can’t get to our locations easily but need to talk to us right away.

Others just like the privacy of calling from their own home. They’re busy, and they’re private people. We understand that. And we take confidentiality very seriously.

Effective. Efficient. Easy to do.

We’re here, and there, for you.